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Constructing Media works with each of our clients individually to create a custom plan for their marketing needs. What sets us apart from the competition is how we treat our clients, audience, and consumers. We treat them as real people, not just another account.

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Where are YOUR customers?

“Do you know on which Social Media platforms your customers hangout?” This is a critical question Constructing Media strategists often ask our clients before creating their customized campaigns.  While our approach is to blanket branding and messages across several platforms to maximize exposure, knowing your client’s (or future client’s) preferences can help target the message for even greater results. We also have insight to
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3 Trends We’re Seeing Now

As we update our client’s social media, Search Engine Optimization, and advertisements, we’re also keeping an eye on the Digital Marketing industry for them too.  There’s a lot of data and studies out there that they don’t have time for, but are definitely shaping the way our Constructing Media divisions are marketing for them- regardless if they’re part of our Small Business department or
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The Cost of “Not”

Working daily operations and putting out fires, small business owners in KC usually end up putting social media marketing on the back burner.  Not enough time to learn.  Not enough time to do it.  Not enough budget to hire a person to be the dedicated marketing person; salary and benefits just aren’t in the budget this year. But you know you have to spend
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